Processional Passage - Education



City of San Diego


San Diego, Ca 

Artwork Budget: $70,000


Project Team


Robin Brailsford


Wick Alexander



Josue Arredondo



Brian Thomas
Thomas Marine



TRAFFIC ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, City of San Diego, CA. Processional Passage, landscape, street paving, mosaics, and steel elements with and for high school students about the Tree of Life. Overall budget: $300,000. 1997. As with all my projects here on the CodaWorx page, all the complete projects can be seen on the Facebook LithoMosaics page. Go to FB, then LithoMosaics, then Photos, then Albums, then the named Album you are looking for.



Processional Passage celebrates high school students going to school, As the public artist, I worked with students in the high school art classes of the site, to design all the elements of the project (fence, gate, intersection, seating). Student Bobby Corona designed these snake gates, "one looking at history, one forward to the future," and they were built of Corten steel, glass cullet, and gold leaf - and installed almost 20 years ago. Recently they were restored by the school, Montgomery High - with this fabulous coat of red - reanimating the sculptures and their mission.



See above - complete collaboration with artist and students, The snakes were fabricated and installed by Thomas Marine, but the cut steel fence sections were fabricated in the auto shop.


Additional Info

It deserves recognition - how many projects look fresh 20 years later?

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