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Neon Waterfall - Commercial

Maxxam Enterprises


Santee Alley, Los Angeles, CA United States

Artwork Budget: $30,000


Project Team


Robin Brailsford


Maxxam Enterprises


CNP Signs and Graphics



Working for a private developer in the Garment District of LA on public art for three of his properties... I brought in a postcard of a stone and glass mosaic waterfall I made for the Miramar Water Treatment Plant in San Diego, and he challenged me to make a light, 30' tall waterfall for one of his buildings.



The building was complete - and so we had to come up with ways to interact with the existing constraints of this extremely active site. BPA designed and had built, modular sections with aluminum fins, to which I hand-applied 3M reflective vinyl. CNP added neon and installed the sections in one beautiful night. Headlights from the adjoining elevated parking garage sweep the work - and one could swear there is falling water there.


Additional Info

The technique is a sound and economical one - more waterfalls are on the horizon, and a park dedicated to a local astronaut. We will re-purpose a defunct mid-century rocket playground structure, with its jets firing for a deep space course correction. 3M guarantees "no-fail," for their Diamond Grade reflective vinyl for 30 years....

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