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Kumeyaay Constellations


Client:  California State Parks

Location:  Old Town San Diego State Historic Park      

Corner of Taylor and Juan Street, San Diego, CA

Artwork Budget: $105,000


Technique: LithoMosaic and Lithocrete

Budget: $105,000 installed

Completion date: 2022



Kumeyaay native astronomer Michael Connolly knew of our work and specifically asked to work with us to create a 20’ LithoMosaic star map depicting the constellations as described by the native peoples.  It is set within a large park, reclaimed from development, by State Parks as a means of recognizing the peoples and culture of the first occupants of this land at the juncture of San Diego RIver flood plains and the Pacific Ocean. 



Bird singers and dancers honor the space with their presence,  The setting sun, night sky and noon day sun illuminate the mosaic and its stories of creation, flora and fauna. The brown round areas depict sacred mountains, set within a border based on the four directions - red/black/white/yellow.  With the scattered white Milky Way and natural aggregate sky, it is meant to mimic a sandpainting.  The materials are handmade glass, gold lead, stone and porcelain set in a monolithic concrete pour.

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