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Lincoln City Cosmography

Client:  Lincoln City Cultural Center


Location:  540 NE Hwy 101 Lincoln City, OR / 97367

Size: 20’ circle

Technique: LithoMosaic 

Budget: $60,000 for the mosaic

Installed 2024


Carl Leibhardt of Shapiro-Didway contacted us about creating an iconic plaza for a cultural center on the gorgeous Oregon coast in the Pacific Northwest.  Located in an old schoolhouse right on the PCH, our concept, after Zoom community meetings, was solidified for a cosmography inspired by an Inuit original.  


Ours highlights the four seasons and directions as the native people explain them. The background would be red, black, white and yellow.  Over this is imposed a series of graduated rings, from the sky at the center… to ocean, estuary, beach and land.  As Lincoln City is called The String of Pearls for the small hamlets  strung along the PCH, each of these rings is made up of 2’ mandalas, or pearls, representing ocean in summer or fungi in fall - based on the overlay of where they fall on the circle.  There are 64 mandalas in all.

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