Temple City Routes- Transit



City of Temple City


Rosemead Ave between Pentland and Garibaldi Ave.

Temple City, CA 91780

Artwork Budget: $90,000


Project Team


Robin Brailsford


Paul Spitzzeri
Homestead Museum



Brian Haworth
City of Temple City



This was a very demanding project - a fast turn- around for a very involved site. We were commissioned to write in words and images, the history of the founding family - over 300 years in 24 LithoMosaic pavers, in 2' modules, to be designed, made, and installed in 6 months. The words were written as Tweets - 122 characters to each and are yet to be sandblasted into the sidewalks.. The mosaics are inspired by the leaded glass in the Temple Homestead Museum.



Research was monumental for this project, We visited multiple museums, missions, and historic sites - both real and virtual - and we brought in Paul Spitzerri, the Director of the Homestead Museum as a close collaborator. Kith elders at the dedication expressed sincere gratitude for our use of the proper name of their tribe, the first public recognition of Toypurina and her efforts.



Sample Tweets, by artist and museum director: 1. Kizh medicine woman Toypurina, aged 25, convinces her elders to rise up against the expanding Mission in 1785. Ultimately foiled, she is banished. 2. Walter Temple, aged 12, kicks a rock and unleashes a petroleum geyser. Leagues of oil rigs quickly dot the hillsides and define an epic new moment.


Additional Info

Much of our work involves writing - poems, parables, research, and lyrics. Axis Mundi Song for Irwindale... By Robin.., includes Spanish and Aztec words with English. We have worked with Fred Chappell - poet laureate of NC; children's book writer Frances Wosmek on several occasions poet Richard Gregory of Kentucky, and Rene Daumal of Paris. As with all my projects here on the CodaWorx page, all the complete projects can be seen on the Facebook LithoMosaics page. Go to FB, then LithoMosaics, then Photos, then Albums, then the named Album.

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